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Short Escapes: The Online Guide to Engaging Places for Business and Pleasure

Short Escapes is a free online travel guide for business and leisure travelers in search of engaging destinations for company meetings and events, incentive travel, or getaways with family and friends. Founded by experts in business and leisure travel, including Gary Stoller, an award-winning travel editor for USA Today and Conde Nast Traveler, Shortescapes.net is a regularly updated international travel guide based on the growing market for businesses and leisure travelers (from Millennials to Baby Boomers) who seek to find a base from which they can engage with the people, culture, geography and history of a destination to make a getaway more enriching.
“There’s a growing type of active, inquisitive traveler who cuts across all age groups and types,” says Stoller. “Whether it’s individual or group travel, these people are seeking a more authentic experience focused on a place from which they can explore the attractions around them. It’s our mission to create a comprehensive guide that helps people find not only special locations away from the big cities and tourism hubs, but to know they can trust we’ve done everything we can to select the best possible locations and venues, regardless of whether they’re advertisers.” 
According to Short Escapes editor Richard Kern, who focuses primarily on business travel, meetings and incentives, “The Short Escapes model creates great opportunities for business travelers seeking to extend a trip, meeting planners looking for a creative, less expensive destination ideal for teambuilding and even wedding or reunion planners seeking a special place to celebrate and bond.” 
Shortescapes.net is unique in that the website features news for event and travel planners, as well as offering a special print and digital magazine that highlights engaging venues for groups and destinations ideal for either business or pleasure. The primary role of Short Escapes is to provide both group travel planners and individuals a place they can go online to find information they can trust about engaging destinations away from the crowds but still accessible via major hubs. 
“Engagement is becoming a big part of life in almost every area,” says Bruce Bolger, co-founder of Short Escapes and the Enterprise Engagement Alliance an organization that focuses on engagement in business. “What better way to experience engagement in all of its glory than in a special place that appeals to our spiritual, intellectual and emotional selves, so that we return with positive memories, new knowledge and a sense of renewal? Short Escapes targets a type of traveler who’s underserved by traditional media, and we’ve assembled a team of experts to help identify these unique destinations and venues around the world.”  
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