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SITE Europe Summit Focuses on Immersion...Report Published on EU CSRD Impact on Travel

SITEHere’s a rundown of some of the latest news from SITE International, the leading organization for incentive travel.

SITE Europe Summit: A Focus on Destination Immersion
SITE Among First in Travel to Publish Report on EU CSRD Law Impact
The Society of Incentive Travel Executives Incentive Summit Europe, held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, was “boutique by choice and intimate by design,” the organization states. In other news, SITE publishes the first report on the potential impact of the European Union Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive on the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions) market.

SITE Europe Summit: A Focus on Destination Immersion Bostjan H

Over “60 incentive travel professionals experienced a highly innovative program of networking, education and destination immersion,” at the recent event, SITE International reports.
SITE says it “challenged its in-country hosts to think outside the box and deliver a series of destination experiences reflecting the macro-trends impacting our industry – concerns around sustainability and belonging, diversity, equity and inclusion.”
Annette GHost committee member Boštjan Horjak, CEO, Liberty Adriatic DMC, commented, “As a long-time proponent, I was delighted with the forensic focus on sustainability during our day at the Brdo Estate and with the reaction we got to our city tours that focused on homelessness, feminism and the circular economy.”
Explains SITE CEO Annette Gregg, “Incentive Summit Europe is now an established fixture along with Incentive Summit Americas in SITE’s annual calendar of events. Our focus with the incentive summit series is on quality and innovation – quality relationships, quality learning experiences, quality destination immersion and innovation in program design and implementation.”

SITE Among First in Travel to Publish Report on EU CSRD Law Impact  Bruce Bolger

SITE may be among the first in the travel association field to address the new European Union Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive in a comprehensive report for SITE members by Bruce Bolger, Publisher of RRN and founder of its parent company, Enterprise Engagement Alliance. The report, entitled, “EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive Will Have Direct Impact on Most SITE Members,” outlines the potential impact on incentive companies and travel planners, hotels, DMCs and other industry players.
The article reports that the new “anti-greenwashing law, considered by many in the legal and management consulting business to be a game changer, redefines the concept of sustainability by requiring companies subject to the law to make detailed disclosures not only on their environmental goals and practices but on the ways they manage their own employees; the employment practices of the companies in their supply and distribution chains, as well as their management practices for customers, supply chain and distribution partners, and communities.”
It continues, “The core purpose of the law is to reduce greenwashing by large companies and to level the playing field by requiring audited, public reporting following a standardized format for ease of comparison, and to enable all stakeholders to assess an organization’s double-materiality; that is, the impact it has on its stakeholders and the environment, including benefits and risks, and the impact stakeholders have on its success, including opportunities and risks.”

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