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RRN Briefs: Onbe Tip Payouts Platform...IRF Destination Marketing Webinar...IFI Tax Law Recording

OnbeHere is an overview of the latest news in the incentive, rewards, and recognition (IRR) field.
Onbe creates digital tip management system with Timeforge...The Incentive Research Foundation holds a webinar on May 7 at 1 pm on How to Maximize the Value of Your Incentive Destination...The recording of the Incentive Federation Inc. webinar on tax laws is now available.

Onbe Digital Tip Solution
IRF Webinar: How to Maximize the Value of Your Incentive Destination
Recording of IFI Webinar on US Tax Laws Now Available

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Onbe Digital Tip Solution

Onbe, a corporate payouts platform, has partnered with TimeForge, a labor management system for the retail and food service industries, to “transform the traditionally cash-heavy tip payout process into a seamless digital-first experience offering a range of popular payment choices.” The goal, they say, is to simplify the payments side of restaurant management by providing a tip-tracking solution from TimeForge integrated with Onbe’s digital payout offerings to 14,000 restaurants, grocery stores and other retail groups and their approximately 840,000 employees to automate the rapid disbursement of tips via a digital payments platform. Click here for more details.

IRF Webinar: How to Maximize the Value of Your Incentive Destination IRF

During the webinar Revisiting How to Maximize the Value of Your Incentive Destination, Jennifer Attersall, CIS, Acting Senior Director, Business Events, Destination Canada; Ashley Bollman, Senior Director, Event Solutions, ITA Group; Morgan Crain, Senior Program Manager, Rubrik;  Stephanie Harris, President, the IRF, and Andy Schwarz, Vice President, Communications, the IRF, will discuss this report and talk about how they have applied these insights and harnessed the motivational power of destinations.
In September, the IRF in conjunction with Destination Canada Business Events, gathered industry professionals to participate in roundtable discussions on how to position and develop programming around a destination for impact, and how resources like DMOs, hoteliers, DMCs and others can be used to maximum effect.
Register for the IRF webinar: “Revisiting How to Maximize the Value of Your Incentive Destination,”  Thu., March 7, 1:00 – 1:45 pm ET.

Recording of IFI Webinar on US Tax Laws Now Available

“Tax Considerations for Incentive, Recognition and Safety Programs” is now available on YouTube. Click here.

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