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Pulse Experiential Travel, ShortEscapes.net Create Destination Experiences

Pulse Experiential Travel adds Short Escapes destinations to its unique offerings
Pulse Experiential Travel at PulseExperientialTravel.com, one of the world’s leading providers of individual travel experiences, and Short Escapes at Shortescapes.net, one of the first websites to focus on authentic getaway experiences for small meetings, events, and experiential travelers, have joined forces to create Shortescapes.net Destination Experiences packages for sale on PulseExperientialTravel.com for businesses and travelers seeking a concierge-planned getaway. 
Under the co-marketing agreement, Pulse Experiential Travel will create a line of Shortescapes.net Destination Experiences for getaway destinations offered both on its own website to its wide variety of customers, as well as at Shortescapes.net and its sister portal, RRN at RewardsRecognitionNetwork.com. Some of the first destinations will include Lake Placid, NY; Fiesole, Italy; Southern Alaska; Ocala/Merion County, FL; Monteverde, Costa Rica; and Kiawah Island, SC.
As with any Pulse Experiential Travel Package, organizations and individuals can purchase online Short Escapes Destination Experiences for incentives, gifts, or charity events. Pulse Experiential Travel will start adding Shortescapes.net Destination Experiences to its growing list of experiential packages for the incentive, rewards, recognition and charity marketplaces. Shortescapes.net, published by the Rewards Recognition Network, focuses on unique destinations that offer authentic getaways from urban and tourism centers, featuring unique activities, restaurants, hotels, attractions and guides, depending on the destination. 
Pulse Experiential Travel packages are designed to make it easy to give the gift of unique experiences, including events and adventure, by creating a package redeemable at a guaranteed price for three years. They are redeemed through a personal concierge service designed to ensure an ideal recipient experience. The new Pulse Experiential Short Escapes Destination Experiences packages are also ideal for consumers seeking a travel expert who can ensure they will get the most out of their getaway with one-stop-shopping.  
Shortescapes.net is designed for travelers seeking an authentic experience at destinations that offer unique natural, cultural, or historic value. “People don’t have to go to exotic places in Africa to experience authentic experiences. Right near some of the world’s biggest cities or tourism locations are hidden gems that take people off the beaten path,” says Bruce Bolger, Shortescapes.net Publisher. “While Shortescapes.net does everything it can to make it easy for people or companies to identify great destinations and services for travelers seeking authenticity, it can often still be a lot of work. Shortescapes.net tells the story of each place, but Pulse Experiential makes it easy for people to bring it to life.” 
Pulse Experiential Travel will add the Shortescapes.net Destination Experiences packages to its collection of experiences for businesses, as well as make them available for consumers. 

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