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PFI Unveils New Partnership for Travel Awards

Partners for Incentives (PFI) recently announced that it is offering redemptions for hotel and airline travel within a points platform at awardlink.com. PFI has partnered with a well-established travel company to provide its clients with the opportunity to use their award points on hotel and air travel purchases. This platform can now help companies worldwide offer their employees personalized and flexible travel award options. “The advantages of being able to offer this type of experiential recognition without the restrictions of country borders, tariffs and various import duties is a game changer,” says PFI President and CEO Mary Anne Comotto. “We are thrilled to be able to add this valuable element to our third-party awards platform.” For more information visit  www.pfi-awards.com
Mary Anne Comotto
Partners for Incentives, Inc.
(216) 881-1969
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