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New Survey Says Rewards Critical to Employee Satisfaction

The London School of Business & Finance reports that more than two-thirds of employees feel perks and benefits are essential to their general satisfaction on the job. UK-based engagement firm Perkbox recently asked 1,072 adults for their opinions on rewards in the workplace. They found that 30% of employees would move to a job that offers better benefits, and that over 25% are unhappy at work, citing the absence of rewards and acknowledgment of their good work as the main reason. “Investment in employee health, wellbeing and engagement via perks and benefits is often perceived as a costly, non-critical, ‘nice-to-have’ rather than an intrinsic tool for incentivizing, retaining and recruiting talent,” says Perkbox CEO and Co-Founder Saurav Chopra. “Yet most research indicates that while remuneration might instantly gratify and sway potential employees into accepting a job offer, it’s the non-financial factors that come with reward and recognition that engages and retains [employees] in the long run.” More here >

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