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More Academic and Corporate Practitioners Join EEA Curriculum Advisory Board With Founding Sponsor Support

The first formal curriculum of Enterprise Engagement is being updated to strategically support ISO 10018 standards, best practices and certification. 

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance has announced the expansion of its Curriculum Advisory Board to help maintain the Enterprise Engagement Academy learning platform and Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap textbook to ensure that the new ISO 10018 certification audit identifies best practices.  
Nine new advisors and the support of six founding sponsors is facilitating the rapid launch of the International Center for Enterprise Engagement (ICEE) ISO 10018 certification effort and the Enterprise Engagement Alliance education to support it. 
ICEE is the first organization to offer certification in ISO 10018 standards for Quality People Management, and the first-university-based institution to provide a professional and academic curriculum for Enterprise Engagement. ICEE is a joint venture between the Healthcare Management Institute (HMI) of the University of Texas at Medical Branch and the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, creator of the first formal learning program on the subject at EEA.tmlu.org
Headed by Dr. Ron McKinley and Lee S. Webster of the Healthcare Management Institute and Bruce Bolger of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, ICEE will officially launch the ISO 10018 certification at ISO 10018: Enterprise Engagement in Action, an upcoming conference at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Dec. 7-8, on the first ISO 10018 certification for Quality People Management and the first professional and academic education program on Enterprise Engagement. The event will provide an opportunity each year for experts in all areas of engagement to not only learn about but provide input into the general direction of the curriculum so that the certification and audit process reflects latest best practices.
McKinley and Webster are co-founders of the Healthcare Management Institute at UTMB to bring best human resources practices to the healthcare industry and to administer UTMB’s role as Secretariat of ISO TC/260, and Administrator for the U.S. Technical Advisory Group for ISO TC/260. McKinley was most recently Vice President of Human Resources for UTMB, and Webster was formerly Director of Employee Relations there. 

A Coalition of Corporate Practitioners, Educators & Solution Providers

The EEA Curriculum Advisory Board includes corporate practitioners, educators and solution providers from multiple industries, universities and areas of engagement expertise in different countries. “The EEA hopes to have up to as many as 100 or more corporate practitioners, academic advisors and solution providers contributing, so that content is regularly reviewed from multiple perspectives,” says Bruce Bolger, EEA co-founder. The Enterprise Engagement Academy is underwritten with the support of solution providers in all areas of engagement. 
According to Gary Rhoads, founding academic advisor to the Enterprise Engagement Alliance and the Stephen Mack Covey Professor of Marketing/Entrepreneurship at Brigham Young University, “The time for a formal process for engagement has come. I still believe that engagement could be as big as advertising or customer relationship management, because the economics are so compelling and with the work of the EEA and now ISO 10018 standards and certification, there’s a clear roadmap for success. I welcome this effort to create a large community of experts from all over the world who can contribute to improving the content.” 
Rhoads is also one of the first entrepreneurs in the field – he is co-founder/board member of Xvoyant, a sales engagement company, and before that founder of Allegiance, which was sold to Maritz and is now MaritzCX.  He will be speaking on Enterprise Engagement and specifically on sales engagement at the upcoming conference, ISO 10018: Enterprise Engagement in Action, Dec. 7-8 at the UTMB campus in Galveston. 

Need For a Front-Line Perspective

The desire to provide a front-line perspective explains why Alisoun McCloughen, Business Operations Specialist, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, has signed on. “My role in supporting the organization involved with new aircraft development at one of the world’s biggest companies gives me a front-line perspective I hope to share with the faculty about both the opportunities and challenges of implementing an engagement strategy from a practical standpoint in a big organization,” she says. “I am eager to learn more about the concept of a formal process for engagement across the organization, as I do believe it remains an ad hoc process at many organizations and can benefit from a more formal approach.” 
Explaining her involvement, Sharon R. Floyd, EdD, SHRM-SCP, Associate Dean, School of Business and Professional Studies Brandman University, Chapman University System says “My dissertation research around engaging millennials made it clear to me that this entire idea of creating a formal process to support organization-wide engagement is at a tipping point. I am participating both to contribute this knowledge and interest to the curriculum, and to take back ideas I can incorporate into my own.” 
From the standpoint of Ron McKinley, who heads up the ICEE 10018 Certification process along with co-founder Lee Webster, “having the access to the Enterprise Engagement Alliance learning platform is giving us a head start in creating the ISO 10018 audit tool, because the curriculum, the collaborative way in which it was created over the years and the way it overlaps with ISO 10018 standards will help us craft better questions. What makes the ICEE ISO 10018 Certification exceptional is the foundation of expertise from all over the world upon which is built and upon which it will be continually updated. We can use the takeaways from the educational program to make sure our audits flesh out the actual practices from a simple checkbox. In a field so new, we need to minimize ambiguity to ensure that organizations fulfill the spirit of the standards.”  
Experts on the EEA Curriculum Advisory board review individual or multiple chapters and web-based courses each year based on their areas of expertise and interest. The goal is to have at least four experts on each topic. “These courses provide us additional information from which to create more detailed audits,” explains Lee S. Webster, co-founder of ICEE and in charge of standards, “but they also provide us the ability to help ensure that there are trained auditors, certifiers and developers who can do the heavy lifting of either ISO 10018 compliance or simply helping organizations build better engagement processes.” 
Webster believes the ISO 10018 standards are beneficial whether or not a company seeks certification. “This is a framework developed independently by the managers of ISO 9000 and the founders of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance. When two organizations involving many experts who don’t know one another come to largely the same conclusion, that’s the sign of a trend. These best practices are available to anyone regardless of whether or not the certification has value to them.” 
Dr. Mark Loon, faculty member at Bath Business School, Bath Spa University, says he became involved with ICEE because he believes that “his area of specialty in Organizational Development and Psychology can play a major role in helping organizations of any size create a more strategic process that fosters success by addressing fundamental human needs.” 

Three New Corporate Advisors

Corporate advisors reflect management at all levels from large and small companies that have expertise in engagement, either from the perspective of high-level or front-line management in order to ensure the practicality of the framework and implementation process. For a complete list, go to The EEA faculty page.   
  • Terry Balluck, Associate Director, Global Communications, Kimberly-Clark Corporation
  • Bonnie L. Gorsic, Technical Fellow, PMP, Project Manager RCCA World Class Productivity @ Quality, Boeing
  • Alisoun McCloughen, Business Operations Specialist, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Six New Academic Advisors

Alise Cortez, PhD, Adjunct Faculty at Southern Methodist University, teaching Professional Development and Communication classes, and a consultant at Insigniam, an international management consulting firm. 
Sharon R. Floyd, EdD, SHRM-SCP, Associate Dean, School of Business and Professional Studies, Brandman University, Chapman University System, Associate Dean of Student and Faculty Affairs for Brandman University, with a passion to see individuals fully engaged in the workplace. 
Dr. Jacques Forest, professor at the Business School of the University of Quebec in Montreal. He holds a Ph.D. in industrial-organizational psychology from the Université de Montréal and has done postdoctoral studies at the John Molson School of Business (Concordia University). Dr. Forest’s research interests cover topics related to the balance between performance and well-being and work motivation, using self-determination theory and the different significance of money and rewards on performance. 
Anais Thibault Landry is completing her fifth year of PhD in industrial and organizational psychology at the Université du Québec à Montréal. Her research work aims to better understand the link between compensation, motivation, performance, and psychological health. 
Dr. Mark Loon, faculty member at Bath Business School, Bath Spa University, with an expertise in organizational behavior, learning and development, and organizational learning, change and business model innovation.  
Randy McCamey, Ph.D., SPHR, SHRM-SCP, AStd, Professor of Human Resource Management in the College of Business Administration at Tarleton State University, where he teaches graduate courses in Human Resource Management, Organizational Development and Change, and Organizational Behavior. 
Dr. Dan Wiljanen, Assistant Professor in the Management Department at Davenport University in Grand Rapids, MI. Formerly an HR executive at Steelcase, he provides consulting services in career counseling, leadership assessment and development, human resources management, corporate university management and strategic planning as the Principal and Managing Partner of Vanguard Consulting, LLC.  
The EEA’s Certification and Curriculum Development program is funded by solution providers in all areas of engagement committed to the development of a formal field of Enterprise Engagement and best practices. Sponsors will include solution providers in the following areas: full service engagement solutions; leadership coaching; assessment; all forms of communication, from social media to events; learning and development; innovation and collaboration; rewards and recognition; analytics; and technology. 

Six Founding Status Education Sponsors

Founding sponsors of the new EEA/ICEE advisory board so far include:
  • CA Short
  • EGR International
  • Hinda Incentives
  • ITA Group
  • Lipic’s Engagement
  • Pulse Experiential Travel 
Their support makes these activities possible. 
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