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Maritz Introduces Decision Sciences to Consumer Brand Loyalty

Maritz Motivation Solutions recently introduced decision sciences to the loyalty space, providing marketers with next-generation insights to predict consumer behavior. Decision sciences combines traditional data analytics with behavioral science to uncover leading indicators so marketers can “read between the lines,” predicting customer defection before consumers even know they are thinking of disengaging, according to Barry Kirk, Vice President of Loyalty Solutions for Maritz Motivation Solutions. “Maritz decision sciences is the next evolution of loyalty analytics,” Kirk explains. “Traditional analytics treats customers as rational actors, who make every decision on a cost-benefit analysis. We know this simply isn’t true. Brand choices are always a combination of rational and emotional drivers. With decision sciences, we help marketers intervene and retain customers before they have mentally checked out.” Senior Behavioral Economist Jesse Wolfersberger notes that the new decision sciences group allows Maritz Motivation Solutions to see ahead and design experiences based on what program customers actually want and what they are most likely to do. Services offered by the new group include strategic design assessments, predictive modeling, conjoint-based research, persuasive design labs and dynamic segmentation. For more information, go to www.maritzmotivation.com
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