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MAS, Inc.: A Focus on Brands with Flexible and Efficient Fulfillment

MAS logoMAS sees more demand for brands, customization, and personalization, and the need for flexibility in the incentive, recognition, and promotional business and event gifting business.
Over its 40 years MAS, Inc. has grown to be a leading independent distributor serving multiple markets with major national brands. The company is made up of three divisions: Premium Distribution to serve the incentive, recognition, and loyalty markets with leading brands; the Promotional Division, offering corporate America inspired apparel and logoed items for their promotions and corporate identity; and the Builder Division, providing appliances for builders and multi-unit residential projects.  
MAS, Inc., is a sponsor of the Brand Media Coalition. Click here to view its storefront.
Brand names drive the incentive, recognition, and loyalty business, and are playing an increasing role in the promotional products channel as well. Dennis Zimmerman, Vice President of the Premium Division states, “When we are selling brands, it’s a different proposition than when we are selling products. When it’s about selling products, it becomes a question of price. When the focus is on brands, it’s about what is right for the client, the business, and the program.” 
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Brands Tell a Lot About a Company

He continues, “When we are selling a premium brand like Weber, we are collaborating with a customer who understands the power of the brand. Brands evoke emotions and passions that make for a better customer experience. The types of brands organizations put into its catalog says a lot about who they are to the audience they are trying to reach.”
MAS is an authorized distributor for national brands such as Weber, LG, JBL, Nikon, Sony, Sealy, Cuisinart, KitchenAid, Keurig, Wüsthof, ZLINE, Samsonite, Stanley Black & Decker, and many more.

Because MAS prides itself on flexibility, its business reflects where customers want to go and can give customers options they didn’t know existed, says Zimmerman. For instance, MAS has seen significant growth in supporting Weber’s corporate gifts initiative and taking the same program to other brands and markets. “The key to success in this industry is flexibility and creative thinking,” he adds.

Customer focus also led to the company’s development of Thunderbolt, a platform that enables its channel partners to access all its brands, specifications, and pricing, and to print out presentation materials with the brands selected for each program’s needs. MAS also has Mercury, a proprietary program management technology to support resellers and clients with points-based incentive and recognition programs. 

“Clients appreciate that we have the resources and flexibility to support their needs, whether it be with their catalogs or graphics,” asserts Dennis.  Many customers work with MAS through channel partners. “We want to work with our partners in the field who can provide face-to-face support and provide the added attention that is needed in this industry.” 
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At the Crossroads of Brands and Promotional Products 

MAS benefits from the ability to cross-sell its incentive, recognition, and loyalty business with its promotional products clients. Both require the ability to stock, customize, and personalize brand name products sourced at competitive prices.
In its three facilities and over 77,000 square feet of warehouse space located near Akron, Ohio, MAS can stock, process, and fulfill bulk and drop ship programs with high efficiency and accuracy, Zimmerman states. 
“We joined the Brand Media Coalition because we believe it’s important to educate the marketplace on the importance and story-telling power of brands,” says Zimmerman. MAS sponsors the Weber Brand Media storefront.
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Dennis Zimmerman
Vice President, Premium Division
MAS, Inc.
Tel. 330-247-1033

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