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Industry Perspectives: Impact of the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Law And Sustainability on Travel

How will the new EU Corporate Sustainability and Reporting Directive and increased focus on people in sustainability affect the MICE market? 
This SITE Global webinar on Friday, May 3 at 11 am ET features SITE members from various perspectives to discuss the impact and the issues they expect to face in the coming year related to sustainability in people as well as the environment. Click here to register.
The program consists of a panel discussion of the key conclusions of the recently published SITE Foundation Report: What SITE Members Need to Know About the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and Its Impact on the MICE Market.
Experts in all aspects of the MICE market will discuss:
  • To what extent is the MICE market already being affected by sustainability issues—to what extent are buyers growing concerned about sustainability issues, including worker safety and adequate pay?
  • How could publicly available corporate sustainability reports in one way streamline disclosures and in other ways increase competitive pressures?
  • How is potential interest in sustainability and authentic experiences creating opportunities for the industry in terms of new products and services?
  • How could corporate sustainability reporting affect the competitive landscape in terms of vendor sourcing and selection?
  • Does the hospitality industry have its own employee retention challenges and is there something SITE can do to help?
 The host is Bruce Bolger, Founder of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, and author of the SITE Foundation study.
Lisa Grimaldi, Editor, Lisa A. Grimaldi, Editor, Incentive, incentives & destinations, Northstar Meetings Group
Marc Matthews, Founder and CEO, Pulse Experiential Travel
Rachel Riggs, General Manager, Environmental Strategy
Gabrielle Spanton, Founder and Managing Partner, GAB & Co., Consultants

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