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Incentive Solutions Debuts Mobile App

Incentive Solutions’ new reward program mobile app allows participants immediate, on-the-go access to their points and rewards. Participants can enter sales claims, access push notifications and browse the online catalog of reward items. The app was built to work with smartphone technology. For example, a phone scanner can be used to capture a product barcode and purchase it in-store instantly, or conveniently add it to a personal wish-list. Other standard features include:
  • Enrollment: register with the program directly through a mobile device
  • Saved Logins: bypass logging into the system each time
  • Push Notification: communicate new promotions, goals and acquired points
  • Contact Us: instant feedback and tech support.
  • Profile: access to personal information and point data
  • Quick Points: access or input On-the-Spot awards instantly
  • Shopping: a catalog of all products and perks participants can buy with redeemed points
  • Performance Tracking: participants can enter sales claims wherever they are.
According to Incentive Solutions CEO Steve Damerow, “The app takes uprising mobile usage trends and makes incentive programs two to three times more effective.”
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