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Incenta Rewards Introduces Experiential Gift Program

Dayton, OH-based Incenta Rewards recently announced the debut of the Incenta Rewards Gifting Experience, featuring a variety of categories and top name brands for event participants. The Incenta Rewards Gift Experience provides event planners with a variety of options, including:
  • The Sunglass Affair – Fifty Shades of Fun
  • Luxury Handbag Trunk Show or His/Her Luxury Trunk Show
  • Dazzling Jewelry Bar Event
  • It’s All About Time Watch Event
  • Build-A-Bar Shopping Event
    • Multi-Gift Shopping Events
    • All-Clad Cookware Foodie Event
    • Electronics/Gadgets VIP Event
    • Gifts Galore – Custom mix of several gift categories
“Incenta has all of the necessities to create a first-class shopping event, from a selection of top multi-brand gifts and custom decor to a cutting-edge web-based gift redemption platform,” says Incenta President Joe Jones, citing the company’s recent experience at IMEX, where a major pharmaceutical company, having been briefed on the Incenta Rewards Gift Experience program, immediately hired Incenta to create a boutique shopping experience for 650 President Club members for their European group incentive travel trip.
Joe Jones, President
Incenta Rewards
(937) 477-4840
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