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ITA Group Launches New Incentive Travel Solution

West Des Moines, IA-based ITA Group recently unveiled a new incentive travel product called Optim. The program’s online platform and communications capabilities help participants gain insight into their program activities and stay engaged through leaderboards, badges, emails, videos, brochures and more. Program stakeholders can also monitor individual participant performance along with the effectiveness of the program as a whole. According to Sarah Haines, Vice President, Event Management for ITA Group, the solution strategically achieves goals by catering to different generational needs and preferences. “With the client company’s unique business objectives and audience demographic mix in mind, we design seamless, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that resonate,” says Haines. Optim takes a comprehensive look at the power of the entire incentive travel program, focusing on its life cycle via five key performance metrics:
  • Management metrics, including negotiated cost savings, delivery and timeliness
  • Engagement metrics, including communications response and trip experience
  • Behavior metrics, including sales, sharing and education
  • Impact metrics, including revenues, profits, market share and brand awareness
  • Value metrics, including ROI and VOI
This information is then turned into actionable recommendations for future programs, giving companies critical knowledge that can be readily acted upon to realize significant growth. Learn more about Optim >
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