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Hinda Adds EEA Certification, Engagement Agency to Suite of Services

Hinda Incentives Inc. announces the addition of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance Curriculum and Certification program and the Engagement Agency LLC business development service to Hinda’s Value Chain Network. As part of the program, Hinda partners receive a 10% discount off EEA membership and Engagement Agency license fees. 
Hinda has over 150 companies participating in its Value Chain Network, and Hinda President Mike Donnelly expects the number to double in the coming year as a result of their new Hinda Partner Portal, which provides a complete toolkit for solution providers seeking to excel in the incentive, recognition and loyalty marketplace, as well as important Value Chain Network relationships such as the Enterprise Engagement Alliance.
“Because of increasing interest of investment companies and ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) in the topic of engagement, it’s only a matter of time before engagement becomes a major business opportunity for many solution providers,” says Donnelly. “We are committed to bringing our partners the most complete and cutting-edge solutions appropriate to their clients, and it’s now clear that engagement solutions will become part of the service mix for some of the marketing, incentive, loyalty and recognition suppliers that are part of our Value Chain Network.”
EEAThe Enterprise Engagement Alliance not-for-profit Curriculum and Certification program is designed to provide engagement practitioners and solution providers with a basic understanding of the engagement framework and means of integrating traditional tactics to achieve measurable goals across the organization. The annual EEA membership fee includes two Certifications, as well as other support services based on successful completion of an online test. Advanced Certifications are based on additional exercises and through certifications from organizations in other areas of engagement.
The Engagement Agency program helps solution providers seeking to profit from the emerging engagement field by offering highly customized services to identify their best niche in the field and the appropriate implementation strategy. The Engagement Agency has helped traditional management consulting, marketing, incentive and recognition companies transform their businesses by helping their clients apply a formal methodology for the implementation of engagement to achieve both tactical and strategic sales, marketing, human resources, quality management and other goals. Rewards and recognition are critical to engagement, but engagement also involves other issues related to branding, leadership training, assessment, learning, communications, innovations and analytics. 
“We believe that the Enterprise Engagement Alliance Curriculum and Certification program, and its leadership in the potential development of ISO standards for engagement, creates a true value to those of our partners who have the interest and capabilities to provide full-service engagement solutions to their companies,” says Donnelly. “The Engagement Agency has proven that it can help traditional companies make a successful transition.” 
Donnelly concludes: “The driving force behind Hinda’s Value Chain Network is the commitment to helping our partners expand their business. We believe that Hinda has created the most comprehensive information portal, support services and technologies in the marketplace for the many different types of solution providers interested in reward, recognition, incentive and loyalty programs, but we also recognize the significant difference between rewards and engagement. It isn’t right for every one of our partners now, but the topic should be on everybody’s radar screen.” 
For more information, contact: Alisa Schafer, 773-890-5900 ext. 3308, or aschafer@hinda.com
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