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Hawk Incentives Uses Rebates to Power Referrals

Hawk Incentives, a Blackhawk Network business that provides rewards and incentive solutions, recently announced a new collaboration with the enterprise advocacy platform Extole. Hawk Incentives can now connect with Extole’s technology from its rebate solutions. Hawk Incentives now links to Extole’s refer-a-friend capabilities within its Hawk Redeem solution, a configurable platform that enables the launch of customized and branded rebate redemption websites in days. 
Hawk Incentives’ rebate clients that also work with Extole are now able to include a refer-a-friend link in the online rebate submission process. From there, clients’ customers can recommend the product or service they purchased to their friends and family via email or social media. Consumers who participate in a referral during the rebate submission process have the potential to receive an additional incentive. “This integrated experience can extend the value of the rebate and encourage additional brand engagement for the sponsoring organization,” says the company. For more information, go to hawkincentives.com
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