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Gartner Recognition Report Helps Both Buyers and Sellers

Nearly 60% of respondents to a recent Gartner survey do not use social recognition, according to a comprehensive guide useful to both buyers and sellers of recognition technology. About 17% say they’re using a social recognition platform, 16% say they plan to add one, and 9% are considering it, suggesting plenty of growth to come.

The report, entitled, Technology Overview for Employee Recognition and Rewards Software, provides a comprehensive overview of the category and some of the key buying considerations, including an excellent, well-informed list of benefits and risks. It  contains insightful information for everyone involved with recognition technology, since it displays a clear understanding of the role of recognition in the greater business picture through these three key recommendations:

  1. Decision-makers need to make sure the platform “fits and complements their organization’s total rewards model.”
  2. Vendors should be evaluated based on how their approach aligns with each organization’s plans; flexibility of system components; strength of reporting and analytics; costs of implementing and running programs; and the service and support model.
  3. Before making a final technology decision, “HR leaders should create a strategic roadmap that goes beyond just ‘recognizing people’ so they can maximize the potential from their chosen system. For example, many modern recognition platforms can be used to support other HR processes, as well as reinforce desired changes in behavior.”
To view the report, click here.
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