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GCodes: Revolutionizing Reward Management

Global Reward Solutions recently announced the launch of GCodes, a “global currency” that can be issued in USD, CAD, £ and € and redeemed in 85 countries. All rewards are sourced and delivered within each of the 85 GCodes countries, ensuring a truly great user experience for all GCodes members. With GCodes users do not need to worry about complex currency conversions, so they can instantly reward every activity with codes valued from 10¢ to $2500, all delivered in real time. With GCodes, users gain instant access to all reward categories, including Merchandise, Virtual Rewards, Retail Gift Cards, Hotels & Travel, Experience & Event Tickets and Mobile Top-up. GCodes’ 3-click redemption process enables recipients to go from email to shopping in just seconds. For more information, contact Rob Purdy, Founder & CEO, at 866-451-2225 ext. 227, or rpurdy@globalrewardsolutions.com

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