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Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap, 4th Edition, Designed for Engagement Planners and Solution Providers

Edition 4 provides a complete guide to how to engage people across the enterprise based on ISO 10018 Quality People Management standards and includes multiple chapters on rewards, recognition, loyalty, wellness, travel incentive programs and almost all areas of engagement. 

Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap - How to Achieve Organizational Results Through People and Qualify for ISO 10018 Certification introduces a new path to organizational success and a better stakeholder experience by applying a systematic approach to the design of marketing, sales and human resources. This science-based approach to engagement design aligns with the new standards and guidelines issued by the International Organization for Standardization for ISO 9001 Quality Management, as well as ISO 10018 Quality People Management certification. It addresses the critical role of Human Capital in a more systematic way, and also explains why neither customer nor employee engagement have increased in over a decade.
According to Bruce Bolger, co-author of the book along with Allan Schweyer and Richard Kern, “By the most conservative estimates, organizations in the U.S. alone spend upwards of $100 billion to engage people through leadership coaching, assessment, learning, communications, innovation, rewards and recognition, and much more, yet almost no one receives any training in engagement in school or business. And, now that ISO 9001:2015 includes a systematic approach to people management, the need is even more pressing for both corporations and their solution-providers to have management with the knowledge needed to design effective processes.” Over a dozen experts in various areas of engagement contributed to the book, which is also designed to provide the basis for academic education on Enterprise Engagement. 

The Desk Reference for Everything Engagement 

Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap includes 39 chapters and three appendices addressing almost every area of engagement, as well as the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 10018 Quality People Management standards. It is the first book specifically designed to equip both corporate management in sales, marketing, and human resources, as well as their solution-providers, with a single resource and reference to help provide training and guidance for people who design and implement processes to engage almost any stakeholder in business, not-for-profits and government.”
The book cover everything from:
An Introduction to ISO 9001 and ISO 10018 Quality People Management standards.
All the audiences of engagement, including customers, channel partners, sales and non-sales employees, volunteers, and vendors. 
Chapters covering almost every key area of engagement, including:
  • Employee assessment
  • Communication, including social media and promotional products
  • Preference management
  • Content marketing
  • Learning & training
  • Gamification
  • Rewards & Recognition
  • Loyalty
  • Recognition
  • Diversity & community
  • Wellness
  • Meetings & motivational events
  • Travel rewards
  • Workplace environment
  • Trade shows & conferences
  • Engagement technology
  • Measurement & big data
  • …and more

A Roadmap to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 10018 Quality People Management Certification

This fourth edition has been updated to support any organization seeking to profit from the new ISO 9001 and ISO 10018 Quality People Management standards. These are designed to support sustainable performance and a better outcome and experience for customers, employees and stakeholders through a systematic approach similar to that successfully applied to Quality Process Management. The book provides a sample of the ISO 10018 Quality People Management Audit tool, an explanation of the auditing method, and a sample Engagement Process Development Plan. Your organization does not need to be certified to profit from a more strategic, measurable means of engaging people.
The first edition of this book, entitled Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook, published in 2014, was the first to provide a formal strategy to profit from an organizational approach to engagement that holistically addressed all audiences and engagement tactics. 
Enterprise Engagement is a proven strategy to: 
  • Improve the results of current organizational sales, marketing and employee engagement processes
  • Increase long-term profitability
  • Maximize customer loyalty and referrals 
  • Capture the commitment of dealers, agents and distributors, as well as increase sales and improve customer service
  • Maximize quality, productivity, wellness and more, fostering greater prosperity through a focus on people. 
Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap also provides formal preparation for the Enterprise Engagement Certification program required for organizations to gain an ISO 10018 Quality People Management certification. 

A Formal Approach You Can Apply Today 

Readers will gain a formal framework, strategy and tactics they can apply today to real-time goals and challenges related to managing culture and branding, sales, loyalty, channel partners, human resources, vendors, volunteers, communities and even constituents. The book also prepares people seeking auditing or ISO Quality People Management processes. 
The new ISO 9001 and ISO 10018 standards and certification aim to do for Quality People Management what ISO 9001 accomplished for Quality Process Management: apply a formal, systematic and auditable process to achieving goals that can be continuously improved. This book and the field of Enterprise Engagement address the fundamental reasons why neither customer nor employee engagement have increased over the last decade: the lack of a formal process that integrates the engagement of all organizational stakeholders, as well as the multiple tools—often siloed—that are needed to foster the proactive involvement and capabilities of everyone who can contribute to success in a unified way.  

Benefit From the Compelling Economics 

Here’s why Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap makes essential reading for management, business academics and students:
  • Organizations spend over $100 billion a year on multiple engagement tactics, and yet neither customer nor employee engagement have improved in the last 10 years, according to surveys from Gallup and the American Customer Satisfaction Index.
  • Publicly-held companies with highly engaged customers, employees and communities have been shown in four authoritative studies to significantly and consistently outperform the S&P 500 in share price performance.
  • Leading investors with investment capital of over $17 trillion are demanding that public companies disclose their human capital expenditures, pressuring organizations to increase and document human capital investments.
  • Over 1.3 million ISO 9001-certified companies worldwide now for the first time must address people strategies in their audit process, and the new ISO 10018 Quality People Management standards are specifically designed to guide service organizations not fully addressed by ISO 9001.
  • There is an enormous demand for management with the ability to achieve key goals through engagement and to help organizations profit from ISO 9001 and ISO 10018, as well as the coming ISO 30414 Human Capital Disclosure standards. 

A 360-Degree Approach to Management and Marketing

With about two dozen contributors representing general management, marketing, sales, data management, business and academia, Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap’s methodology specifically aligns with the ISO 9001 and ISO 10018 Quality People Management framework, along with additional initiatives not yet recognized by ISO, that are unique in that they achieve strategic and tactical goals by creating a connection between promises made and promises kept, and by addressing all the stakeholders who can affect success—customers, distribution partners, employees, vendors, communities, etc.. 
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