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Enterprise Engagement Academy Launches New Electives Section with Rewards & Recognition Training

A new free training course and test on the latest best practices in rewards and recognition is now available from the Enterprise Engagement Alliance Academy at EEA.tmlu.org. The short course includes a moderated slide show followed by a quiz covering all the key findings of the latest research on rewards and recognition, including details on the various types of non-cash rewards. People can register for free and obtain their test results immediately upon completion.

“Over 10 years of research have transformed our understanding of the way rewards work,” explains Allan Schweyer, EEA Curriculum Director. “And yet, by all accounts neither program design nor the reward experience have kept up with those findings. This EEA electives course is the first of many designed to provide an easy way for companies to make sure the people planning their programs and spending their money are up to date on the latest trends and their implications.” The first R&R electives course is co-sponsored by Bulova and Pulse Experiential Travel.

This new course kicks off a series of elective courses at the Enterprise Engagement Academy for people who are not yet ready to begin the Certified (CEP) and Advanced (AEP) Engagement Practitioner programs, but who wish to obtain training in various areas of engagement. In addition to Bulova and Pulse Experiential Travel, the new electives platform is additionally sponsored by Hinda Incentives, Canon and Fuji, as well as others to be announced shortly.  

The new electives section will also offer two courses on Government and Trade Show engagement. The platform is set up so that companies and schools can sponsor elective courses that they can use to educate their own teams, customers, or students using a promo code so that they can identify those in their community who use the learning program.

In addition, the Enterprise Engagement Academy’s curriculum development partner, TMLU, headed by EEA Curriculum Chair Allan Schweyer, can create specialized training for organizations to use to train their customers, distribution partners, employees and other stakeholders on almost any aspect of engagement or any topic, if a proprietary platform is desired.

For more information on how to get a learning promo code, sponsor an elective, or develop a proprietary learning platform, contact: Nick Gazivoda; Nick@TheEEA.org; 914-591-7600, ext. 238.
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