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Engagement Agency Launches Retention, Referral Engagement Analytics Service

Organizations seeking to understand the cost and causes of turnover and referrals can now take advantage of a new analytics service from the Engagement Agency advisory service of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance at TheEEA.org, offered in conjunction with Rick Garlick, Ph.d., a highly experienced data and analytics professional with extensive experience in the engagement and loyalty fields. Click here for information on all the Engagement Agency’s human capital services. Click here for a link to all the Engagement Agency’s human capital advisory services.
This new service from the Enterprise Engagement Alliance’s Engagement Agency provides incentive, recognition, or performance improvement companies and their clients with a confidential, concrete means of identifying the true rate of turnover and referrals, the causes, and the costs and benefits, along with specific recommendations based on a combination of qualitative and quantitative data. The service is provided by Garlick’s Rick Garlick & Associates advisory firm, which draws upon experts in all areas of analytics as needed and insights as needed to meet client needs.
Methodology. The service is based on research methodologies conducted by Rick Garlick for two companies in the health care and multi-housing industry to be enhanced with a qualitative survey to identify the causes for turnover and referrals as well as on his extensive past work on the cost of turnover. The service was used in part on a recent study conducted for employee recognition firm Work Cloud, but includes the addition of an employee surveys and informal focus groups if desired  specifically designed to identify the perceived reasons for turnover and referrals to create an informed strategy.
Segmentation. The same methodology can be applied more narrowly to specific employee groups, such as salespeople or engineers, or can be analyzed by demographics and ethnicity, based on the availability of data. The goal is to marry quantitative data with qualitative data to gain clear insights into why people are leaving or staying, failing to refer or actively refer talent, and to identify a strategy that retains the right people. It is particularly useful for organizations seeking to understand their ability to attract and retain specific types of employees to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion performance.
Who can benefit. incentive, recognition, and loyalty companies and their clients using engagement tech.
Who’s Who.
  • Rick Garlick is Chief Research Advisor for the Incentive Research Foundation, where he helps direct and implement the organization’s research strategy. Prior to that, he has held long-term positions at such companies as Magid, J.D. Power, MaritzCX, and Gallup.
  • The Enterprise Engagement Alliance at TheEEA.org is among the world’s first think tanks to focus on stakeholder management and the implementation of Stakeholder Capitalism, having created the first formal curriculum on implementation in 2009.
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