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Eagle Invests in Engagement Agency to Support Industry Expansion

Eagle Recognition has taken an investment position in the Engagement Agency LLC to further expand Eagle’s offerings and bring formal engagement services to their clients and prospects. The Engagement Agency leads the emergence of the engagement field by providing a full range of thought leadership, education, training, professional certifications, technology, executive consulting, communication services, and cutting-edge industry events to organizations focused on enterprise engagement.
Tucker, GA-based Eagle Recognition recently completed the acquisition of the Solata Engagement Portal technology platform from Engagement Enterprises, owner of The Engagement Agency. The technology, built on the Drupal open source platform, is designed to make it easy for organizations seeking to use a formal engagement framework to support multiple engagement processes for employees, distribution partners, and customers on a single platform using any reward program. While Eagle provides this technology to its customers, The Engagement Agency LLC has a license to bring this technology to solution providers in the U.S. and abroad as part of a suite of other engagement technologies and services available through the Engagement Agency’s growing community of suppliers in all areas of engagement.  
The Engagement Agency was developed by Engagement Enterprises in 2014 and spun off into a new company this year to focus specifically on helping solution providers in all areas of the emerging engagement field benefit from the formal engagement framework, implementation process and learning programs developed by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance (EEA), founded in 2008. The EEA became a not-for-profit in 2017 to run the Enterprise Engagement Alliance Curriculum and Certification program, now known as the Enterprise Engagement Academy, which is available online at Eea.tmlu.org. The methodology is also detailed in the EEA’s book, Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap, available on Amazon. The EEA was recently named Project Leader and acting convener for the creation of formal ISO engagement standards. 
“When a new field emerges, growth can be accelerated through the development of effective methodologies, technologies, services, and information,” says Randy Nobles, President and CEO of Eagle Recognition. “The Engagement Agency and Enterprise Engagement Alliance were way ahead of their time in terms of building a complete platform to support this field, so they have everything in place. Our goal in making this investment in best-in-class methodologies, communications, and technologies is to bring to our clients the best practices and technology not only on recognition but on all aspects of engagement. We believe the best way to accomplish that is to work with others in the industry to create a new field in which everyone benefits, starting with our clients – businesses, government, and other organizations.”
Nobles adds: “With ISO standards for engagement already in place and more on the way, and as large investors put more pressure on public companies to invest in human capital and engagement in particular, we believe we have the opportunity to help build an enormous marketplace by working collaboratively with potentially hundreds or thousands of other marketing, consulting, recognition, incentive firms, and more to ensure the highest standards in this new field.”
Says Bruce Bolger, founder of Engagement Enterprises and the Enterprise Engagement Alliance: “Eagle Recognition is a successful company that acts judiciously. That makes us especially proud to have its support, along with that of our many customers, of our vision to transform engagement from a buzzword into a formal field generating opportunities for thousands of companies that sell solutions to the millions that can profit from them. We commend Eagle and Randy Nobles for having the foresight to know that his company and clients have the most to gain by helping the entire field grow and supporting the highest of standards.” 
Bolger will serve as President of the Engagement Agency, which is a subsidiary of Engagement Enterprises LLC. Nobles will serve as an active member on the Board of the Engagement Agency. 

About The Engagement Agency

Services of The Engagement Agency include all the support and information resources necessary to foster the emergence of the field of Enterprise Engagement, including: consulting and training in effective program design and implementation, training on engagement process design, and access to multiple technology, analytics, learning, communications, and other services to help solution providers and their clients address all areas of engagement. 
To help inform the marketplace and build the community, The Engagement Agency publishes the ESM (Engagement Strategies Media) portal at EnterpriseEngagement.org, the leading information provider in the field, with over 2,000 Twitter and LinkedIn followers. The Engagement Agency also co-produces the EEA’s Engagement University and Expo and manages fundraising and outreach activities for the Enterprise Engagement Alliance along with Allan Schweyer, Director of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance. The Engagement Agency’s growing list of clients includes nearly two dozen companies in all areas of engagement, from analytics and technology to management consulting and rewards & recognition. 

Randy Nobles, President & CEO
Eagle Recognition

Bruce Bolger
The Engagement Agency
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