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Dittman Adds Real-Time Reporting and Activity Dashboards to TotalPRO

Dittman Incentive Marketing has announced enhancements to its TotalPRO Recognition Platform – specifically, the addition of a Program Activity Dashboard and PRO Reporting module. With these new reporting enhancements, platform administrators can now see and measure a program’s performance in greater detail through any activity performed on the platform within a chosen time period. “Our clients rely on TotalPRO as a tool to engage their employees,” says Steve Cummins, Dittman’s Vice President of Business Operations. “These enhanced reporting capabilities allow them to identify the groups who are engaging at a high level, and those who may need more support and coaching.” In addition to TotalPRO’s standard suite of reports, the new PRO Reporting Module allows administrators to create and customize new reports specific to their needs. All reports can be easily filtered, sorted and grouped in multiple ways. Users can also drill down to see additional details. Frequently used reports can be saved to a personal Favorite Reports list, providing quicker access to the most useful information. Both the Activity Dashboard and PRO Reporting modules can easily export their data to Excel for permanent reference. For more info, go to www.dittmanincentives.com

For information, contact:
Shannon Hedden
Tel. 732-379-6264

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