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Blackhawk Expands Digital Incentives/Rewards Portfolio

Blackhawk Network has expanded its digital open- and closed-loop gift card portfolio to better meet the needs of organizations that motivate and reward consumers, employees and partners around the world. The offerings include various currencies and multiple languages for card imagery and digital content, delivered in locally preferred formats. Blackhawk’s international incentive and rewards offerings include:
  • A leading single source for global rewards available in a total of 135 countries
  • Select closed-loop egift rewards available in 20 countries
  • Open-loop virtual rewards available in 45 countries, in Canadian dollars (CAD), Euros, and U.S. dollars (USD)
  • Over 1,500 international and domestic gift and egift rewards available
  • Customer support for open-loop virtual rewards in 10 different languages via web chat and call centers, and email support in 35 languages.
“Our new international rewards are well-suited for organizations that need a one-stop reward fulfillment provider with international capabilities,” says Jennifer Worley, Vice President of Product Development in Blackhawk’s incentives division. “The ability of an organization to take advantage of our globalized reward fulfillment options can streamline integration into the client’s platform, which may lower administrative costs, reduce manual data input and more.” For more information, please visit www.blackhawknetwork.com 
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