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Beyond360 Aims to Be First $1 Billion Employee & Customer Engagement Platform

Founded in 2015, U.K.-based Beyond360 aims to disrupt HR technology by making it simple for organizations to connect all their people and engagement tactics on a single employee ‘hub.’ 

Over the past year, ESM has reported on the rise of the Enterprise Engagement portal, most recently related to the creation of the first ISO 10018 certification for technologies that support organization-wide integrated engagement processes. Paul Shoker, founder of the Beyond360 engagement platform, believes his technology is a first in the category and that his company has the potential to reach $1 billion in annual sales by 2021. 
According to Shoker, Beyond360 offers “a unique employee engagement platform that empowers and engages the workforce toward company goals and values. It drives employee productivity and quality to attract new customers.” The opportunity, he says, “is to support company values in a transparent way through one common technology.” It is available in the U,S., Europe, and Asia. 

A Belief That the Timing Is Right 

Shoker is confident that the time is ripe to create a $1 billion-plus business based on an employee platform because the C-Suite increasingly understands the high cost of low engagement in terms of lost productivity, turnover, poor quality, absenteeism…and because “employees are asking for it,” he says. “They are asking for a sense of belonging and purpose. They want a voice. They want to be enabled to collaborate, to have a single company hub that supports recognition, feedback, learning, collaboration and well-being. And, if rewards are involved, they want rewards that are meaningful to them.” 
According to the company’s website, features include:employee surveys, employee and customer feedback, learning and development, health and well-being, job referrals, communications, social and activity walls, on-boarding programs, rewards and recognition, measurement and more.  
Beyond360’s engagement hub, known as Harmony, is described as a “multi-tenant SaaS Engagement Platform offering a secure, transparent way of driving employee and consumer engagement, at the same time improving both efficiency and richer worker and customer experiences.” The company claims that its “Business and emotional intelligence tools capture powerful real-time analytics that build unique DNAs of employee behavior, providing real-time recommendations of areas for improvement, including self-development, with measurable ROIs leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.” 
The more that people use the platform, Shoker explains, the more feedback provided, learning used, surveys answered, social wall comments posted, points issued and redeemed, the more the artificial intelligence and predictive analytics can kick in to enable organizations to continually learn from experiences and immediately share that information with employees to help drive better behaviors and actions. 

Integrated Engagement Tools on One Platform 

The big opportunity provided by Beyond360, Shoker says, is to enable organizations to put all their key employee engagement tools on one intelligent platform connected to analytics and customer insights to provide real-time recommendations for learning or other tools to enhance performance and the employee experience. 
He believes his company’s technology and processes can rapidly help organizations move toward integrated and connected processes across the organization that otherwise could take years.“Often, when companies receive poor engagement survey results or some other indication of a workplace problem, they set out on a lengthy process to figure out how to solve the problem,” he says. “They meet with vendors. They create an RFP and then put it through procurement to try get everything integrated. Guess what? This can take months or longer, and often none of solutions will actually talk to one another.” 
Shoker notes that many companies either have legacy Intranets with many different engagement tools on different parts of the site, or have pieced together different social communications, recognition, wellness, incentive and task management apps that aren’t cohesively integrated. He says that his company’s engagement hub leapfrogs traditional organizational silos and technology bottlenecks by integrating all key engagement processes on a single integrated platform in a highly modular way. The technology can be switched on by feature, group, or team and rolled out as desired. “We can onboard a company with 10,000 employees in one week, when our competitors take eight weeks or more,” he claims. 

A Better Experience for Employers and Employees 

Shoker says that organizations often ask how to engage employees in the different parts of the platform. “They ask: ‘How do we educate users to come on to your platform to use these different features and tools?’ They ask how willing employees are to use our surveys, feedback, or engage in their well-being efforts?”  
The answer, Shoker says, is that companies are already using many engagement tools on their Intranets or piecing together technologies, when an engagement hub technology makes it possible to integrate all these key features on one platform. 
“We explain that most companies are already using many different tools but that they’re broken into silos,” he explains. “With our solution, employees come to one place for everything, and companies can see all the data on one platform. It’s more powerful data because employees have to know about only one hub and our clients are getting true data from one platform.” Adds Shoker: “That means that an employee’s first experience at onboarding can be correlated with all other experiences encountered along the way and their subsequent level of engagement in the platform, and more importantly in the vision of the organization and their jobs.” 
Paul Shoker
Founder & CEO Beyond360 Limited

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