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Augeo Continues Roll-Up Strategy With Purchase of Social Activation Firm

Brand Networks an Augeo CompanyMinnesota-based Augeo and Iowa-based ITA Group lead the way among Incentive, Reward, and Recognition firms pursuing horizontal engagement integration strategies.
Augeo, which describes itself as a global leader in enterprise engagement platform technologies, has acquired Brand Networks—an early social media marketing firm “that provides global enterprises with AI-powered tools to optimize advertising investment and media buying; software solutions to amplify authentic employee advocacy; and clean-room collaboration technology to monetize first-party data and audiences across leading social platforms.”
The acquisition is designed to “augment Augeo’s engagement solutions spectrum and data collaboration initiative.”  Over the last several years, the company has acquired Motivaction in a merger, the Deluxe Rewards unit from Deluxe; Wellington Experience Design and Gifting, and Structural, an employee knowledge sharing technology.
ITA Group also has pursued a horizontal integration strategy, having acquired in recent years a research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey, the Hartman Studios design firm,  NKD experience management, and HTK customer loyalty technology.
David KristalExplains David Kristal, Augeo Founder and CEO, “We are eager to cultivate Brand Network’s innovative paid social solutions that optimize cross-platform advertising budgets with data-driven strategies. Moreover, there is not a more authentic and inspired strategy to advance brand experiences than through the passion and advocacy of that brand’s employees, customers, and partners. We recognize the power of synthesizing brand advocates across social media to deepen the connection to stakeholders and local communities. Augeo’s acquisition of Brand Networks extends opportunities for our clients to leverage genuine employee advocacy—creating a unique and inevitable intersection of marketing and human resources. Every day, thousands of employees are activated on behalf of major brands through Brand Networks, and we are excited to scale their efforts and accelerate the power of their solutions for our respective clients.”
The platform enables employees to forge “creator communities that enable employee advocates to create, publish and measure organic content in real time on behalf of their organization. This revolutionary technology from Brand Networks leverages AI and machine learning algorithms to promote authentic brand relationships with consumers through popular and emerging social media platforms, such as Meta, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest.”
The company believes the acquisition propels Augeo to the forefront of the clean-room data revolution. “As the digital world adopts more advanced, secure, compliant and consistent means of first-party data collaboration, our audience exchange solution is a key differentiator that empowers data owners and their partners to serve up the right content to the right people at the right time,” Kristal explains.
Adds Brand Networks Co-Founder and CEO Mike Garsin, “As global leaders in loyalty and engagement technologies with a robust suite of solutions across workplace engagement, experiential marketing and customer loyalty, Augeo is the ideal partner to expand our reach.”

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