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SVM Celebrates 20th Anniversary

April marks the 20th anniversary of SVM, a leading provider of gift and prepaid cards for the incentive industry. From its beginnings as a small, two-person operation, SVM has grown into an internationally-recognized industry leader with more than 175 staff in the U.S. and U.K. Marshall Reavis founded the company in 1997 with one prepaid card, which was the first gasoline gift card product in the marketplace. Since then, SVM’s portfolio has grown to more than 350 gift cards, including the largest oil companies and internationally recognized retail, restaurant and travel brands. SVM’s gift card services now include plastic and digital cards, award codes, bulk and individual fulfillment, customer support, promotions, program management and more. During a recent event to celebrate the anniversary, Reavis thanked SVM’s employees, customers and retail brands. “Our people are what differentiates us,” he said. “My thanks could not be more heartfelt for the loyalty and dedication of each member of this team and our customers who buy our products and the retailers whom we represent. Thank you for your trust over the last two decades.” For more information on SVM, go to www.svmcards.com
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