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Registration Now Open for R&R Expo, May 7-9, Galveston Highlighting the Art and Science of Rewards & Recognition

The R&R Expo aims to help organizations take advantage of the latest research and best practices to get the most from their investment in rewards & recognition by working directly with suppliers dedicated to the best ways to use brands to engage people. 

This year’s Rewards & Recognition Expo program, May 8-9, is based on extensive research on rewards & recognition and the importance of best practices in the era of ISO 9001 and 10018 Quality People Management standards and certification. The R&R Expo is co-located with Engagement World’s Professional Development Days, May 7-8, featuring education and certification from industry leaders on multiple areas of engagement, including rewards & recognition, culture and leadership, motivation and incentive program design. 

Designed for Buyers Seeking Cutting Edge Brands and Solutions

Anyone involved with the design, implementation or sale of rewards & recognition solutions can benefit from the R&R Expo, the only show focusing on the scientific use brands in rewards, recognition and loyalty programs. Expo education and exhibitors are focused on offering the latest best practices and research on program design, selection and the reward experience. 
There are a limited number of hosted and semi-hosted buyer positions for qualified management, subject to making a minimum number of quality exhibitor visits. 
Register at RewardsandRecognitionexpo.com
The R&R Expo kicks off with an industry meeting on Brands and the Art and Science of Rewards & Recognition at 4 pm on Tuesday, May 8th, leading into a 2-hour reception in the Exhibit Hall. This will be followed by our annual Industry Networking Dinner that includes corporate practitioners, solution providers and exhibitors involved with brands and rewards & recognition. Expo hours are 9:30 am-3:00 pm on Wednesday, May 9th with an on-floor lunch. 

A Focus on Brands and the Art and Science of Rewards & Recognition

Exhibitors at the R&R Expo include the leading brands, gift cards, master fulfillment and technology companies in the field of rewards & recognition committed to help organizations gain the maximum impact from their programs through effective design and an unforgettable reward experience. 
The Rewards & Recognition Expo, May 8-9 at the Hilton Galveston Island Resort and Conference Center, will focus on new ways suppliers can customize, personalize and maximize the reward experience to help organizations apply the findings of considerable research and best practices supporting the use of carefully selected and designed reward programs.  

Learning and Certification in ISO 10018, Culture, Leadership, Recognition and Incentives

To give corporate practitioners, solution providers and exhibitors more reasons to participate, the R&R Expo is co-located with Engagement World’s Professional Development Days this year. This program enables organizations to equip their teams in multiple areas of engagement to keep pace with the new opportunity to focus on best practices and ISO standards. Professional Development Days includes certification and training in multiple key areas of Enterprise Engagement best practices, as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 10018 Quality People Management standards.
Because Enterprise Engagement requires greater alignment across the organization, the Professional Development Days education program is designed to attract multiple people from each organization and provides an automatic discount for any organization registering more than one person to any single session or multiple sessions. Engagement World’s Professional Development Days include: 
Monday, May 7, 3 pm-5 pm; Tuesday, May 8, 9 am-3 pm
ISO 9001 and ISO 10018 Quality People Management: Enterprise Engagement in Action
How new ISO standards can help organizations significantly improve the return on investment of their customer, employee, channel partner, vendor and community engagement efforts. This program is designed to help professionals and organizations get started on a formal approach to Enterprise Engagement across the organization and use ISO 9001 and ISO 10018 Quality People Management principles to manage it. 
Tuesday, May 8, 9 am-12 noon
All in Culture Training 
Leadership and culture are critical to ISO 9001 and 10018 Quality People Management principles and to a strategic engagement process. Based on a global 300,000-person research study of high-performance managers, the half-day Culture Works “All in Culture Training” program teaches leaders the fundamental principles needed to develop a culture road map that enables managers to build a profitable, winning work-group culture, where employees give that extra push of effort that leads to outstanding results. 
Tuesday, May 8, 1 pm-5 pm
Principles of Results-Based Incentive Program Design and Certification 
The Incentive Marketing Association’s “Principles of Results-Based Incentive Program Design” course is more critical than ever to practitioners in the field. This half-day program and certification covers the fundamental elements of program design and implementation and prepares professionals for certification. The program provides professionals with essential information and preparation for a one-hour test following the course to earn the Incentive Professional (IP) designation. 
Tuesday, 1 pm-4 pm
Raising Employee Engagement through World-Class Recognition Standards  
Recognition Professionals International (RPI) provides a synopsis of its Recognition Standards Model and the seven RPI Best Practice Standards® which are designed as a critical engagement tool for the creation and evaluation of organizational recognition initiatives. Based on knowledge gained over the past decade and a half from academic literature, key recognition practitioners and resource providers, these seven standards advocate recognition and engagement to improve organizational excellence. 
Tuesday, 4 pm-5 pm
Research and Best Practices in Rewards Experiences for Brands, Gift Cards, and Travel
Presented by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance free to Engagement World and R&R Expo attendees and exhibitors, a panel of experts will discuss all the ways design, creativity, customization, personalization and technology can be utilized to maximize the reward experience based on the latest research, best practices and standards. Attendees will learn about compelling ways to improve the economics of rewards and recognition for all concerned. 
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